What Makes Abrazo Totes Special

We love collaborating
with indigenous artisans to create new
products using craft techniques passed
down through generations.

Our totes are a perfect illustration of that story:
blending “new” and “old” into something very special.
We’d like to share a a few highlights about our totes which will hopefully make you love your Abrazo bag even more.

Limited Edition and Unique:
Each tote is a work of art and has unique qualities .
The primary signature of an artisan-made product is it’s variation within the same design. The tightness of the weave, the approach to the design, and the finishing details all may vary slightly but that is part of the beauty of handmade: every piece is one-of-a kind!


Well-Made and Ready for Work: 
Our totes are expertly woven using traditional craftsmanship with simple yet durable materials.
Abrazo bags are woven on rustic wooden frames which, from their appearance, could easily date back 100 years.  Nails encircle the top and bottom ends of the box and the partially recycled polyethylene plastic lanyard we use wraps through them. It takes concentration, dexterity, and strength to weave a tote and artisans must be attentive, counting stitches to maintain their pattern as they guide the plastic lanyard in and out. When one length of lanyard runs out a new piece is spliced in, melting the two ends together, and so on until the bag is complete. The handles are woven through the bag, wrapping around the bottom for extra strength. Once the bag is finished any protruding loose lanyard ends are trimmed off. ( If you encounter one simply snip it off with scissors as it does not affect the integrity of the bag.) Our totes have been weight tested to over 40 pounds so they are ready for hard work!

Easy Care:
Washable, mashable, and no maintenance required.
Our clutches, handbags, totes, and beach bags are 100% plastic and made without any extra frills that make them complicated to wash when you remember that pint of black berries you left in your bag from the farmers market or get back from a day at the beach. Just wash it off and let it dry. Mashed it in your suitcase? It will relax back to its normal shape if you put it into use with a little weight or apply a little heat. Just hang it in a sunny place or warm with a blow dryer.

Abrazo Style’s handcrafted products are certified by the Fair Trade Federation. This demonstrates our commitment to the well-being of the artisans we work with. Read more about the FTF fair trade principles here.

As always, we love to hear from you
with your questions and comments!
We hope you find this information helpful and we look forward
to sharing more about our other products soon.
                            Alex giving a tote workshop training.

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