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A Best Kept Secret

The local hills surrounding Oaxaca city.

Preparing for my upcoming 6 week trip to Oaxaca takes no time at all compared to the amount of time I spend explaining the weather there. Yes, that’s right, the weather. When I mention to friends that I will be spending a healthy chunk of summer in Southern Mexico, they almost invariably gasp and stare at me incredulously… “How could you spend summer THERE? it must be blistering hot!”  Well, I will let you in on

Many varieties of orchids thrive all over Oaxaca state.

a little secret: summer is one of the best times to travel to Oaxaca. The inland area has pretty much the most perfect climate I have ever experienced with year ’round temps ranging  from  45  to 90 degrees and very low humidity (see: for more info.).

So, instead of staying in Oregon where it is hot, dry  and windy (Hood River), I love to travel to Oaxaca where everything is green, green, green,  flowers bloom in the fields and on road sides, and the short, sometimes daily, and often fierce, rain storms clean the air and wash the dust away (until the mud that flows onto the roads dries and turns to dust, that is). That leaky roof that hasn’t “needed” to be repaired for the last 7 months will have to wait until the dry season, the dying of fabric grinds to a halt because nothing dries when it is raining, and  the ladies will get lots of embroidery done indoors.

If you haven’t ever thought about Southern Mexico in summer, you should, but bring an umbrella, just in case.

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