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Blip, off the radar in Oaxaca

Pascuala and Cristina trying on their new glasses.The ladies of Aguacatenango.

7 weeks in Oaxaca…where did it go? I thought (ridiculously) that somehow I would have time to catch up on things I never seem to take care of in the States, and that I would have relaxed evenings to rest and recharge… what was I thinking????

We have accomplished a lot, learned a lot, and have been humbled once again by the challenges that always seem to surface at the least welcome moment. This time our stumbling block was fabric.  In the midst of working out design and embroidery of our new blouses, the fabric we have been working with suddenly became unavailable. Gone. Blip, off the radar. After multiple phone calls and trips to all manner of stores and even other towns, we discovered that due to the increase in cotton costs, the purveyors in our area stopped ordering it. (Of course, the other story is that people are hoarding it until the price goes up again.) Regardless, our production came grinding to a halt. So, we have decided to produce some “limited edition” blouses in other fabrics until we get back on track.

Of course, I have been looking for some new and fabulous, light and elegant cottons but have been extremely challenged on that front as well…(Anyone reading this who knows of a great fabric factory in Mexico, PLEASE let me know!) And, unfortunately, the culture here is such that often people do not share sources, so it is kind of like reinventing the wheel every time there is something new to figure out. Fun? Not really, just part of the game…

As I sit here in Chiapas waiting for my night bus back to Oaxaca after a whirl wind two day trip, I have to admit once again that I love my job: the headaches, the challenges, the artisans and the discoveries. Most of all I love sharing this beauty and richness with our customers who realize that there is more behind a piece of clothing than the fabric.

I will try to write more soon about some of our best (and worst) moments in these last weeks…


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